Crea il tema per e vinci una custodia per iPad di Moleskine

7o compleannoMoleskinerie, il blog ufficiale di Molekine,  compie 7 anni e per festaggiare il compleanno lancia un contest per la realizzazione del nuovo tema.

Linee guida:

  • Style: Get inspired by our official website. Or by our great community on Facebook, YouTube, FlickrTwitter. Think about your inner relationship between you and your notebook, what inspires your creativity
  • Kind of file to send:

o   You can send us a complete new theme you decide to pick up and to apply your style on it (Resources for theme authors are available within here:  Theme Development, Theme Review, and Theme Unit Test pages)

o   You can start from the monochrome theme we are actually using on Moleskinerie, and modify it in order to have a more “Moleskine” style

o   If you don’t have any programming skills, you can just send us your .psd file and we will take care of implementing your graphic materials on our actual theme

  • The template must be for WordPress Version 3.0.4
  • We will accept just one submission per use


  • Your submissions will be accepted until Feb. 7th
  • On Friday Feb. 11th the winning template will be announced

How to submit your template:

How the template will be chosen:

During the week Feb 7th – 11th you will be asked to vote the best one and take the final decision on the best template posted. The one that will get the majority of votes will be the one we will adapt on


  • The special prize for the winner of this special completion will be a Moleskine Tablet Cover for the iPad

iPad Cover

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4 commenti su “Crea il tema per e vinci una custodia per iPad di Moleskine

Un tema per una custodia iPad?? caffè compreso?


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